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Event Monitor

The Event Monitor server is a software thaht allows the vibratory analysis of the data coming from a network of surveillance composed with the measurement Siesmic source unit.

This software is extremely flexible and can be used for local or remote event monitoring.

Seismic Monitoring

The combination of several measurement seismic source units makes it possible to create a seismic monitoring network. L’Event Monitor then makes it possible to locate the earthquake epicentre by triangulatio (natural of artificial)

Event Monitor Software allows tracking of the measurement chain

The server tests the sensors daily. It’s possbile to follow in real time the status of each unit (connection, synchronization, memory, battery, temperature, ect…)



Automatic reports

Event report
PDF report sent by email
Multiple emails
Station number
Vibration level, date, hour
Display of signals
calculation of particle velocities
calculation of the pseudo frequency
3 components graph
Limits level configurable

 Monthly report

Monthly events summary
Station location
Maximum particle velocities graph

Construction Vibratory Monitoring

All the surveillance parameters can be set up by the user :

Listening time
Troigger thresholds (particle velocity or frequency)
weighting curve

Several signal treatments are include :

Pic threshold or RMS
1/3 octave
Fourier transform

The event entire raw signal can also be exported of processing with third-party software. The software associated with Seismic Source measurement units can thus be used for multiple applications: Vibratory impact studies of construction site, mining…