GUARDIAN software

IBIS Guardian software is an extremely powerful and feature-rich monitoring platform for managing slope stability risks in open-pit mining operations. Guardian enables the user to quickly interpret and react to the information delivered during IBIS radar monitoring projects.


Technical specifications

User friendly intuitive interface.
Real-time automatic processing.
Automatic advanced atmospheric corrections.
Long datasets for geotechnical back analysis.
Fully geo-referenced interactive data handling.
Import of multiple digital layers for displaying geological information.
Exportability of output to mine planning software.

Guardian Early Warning

Alarm generation with user-defined levels and multiple alarm criteria.
User defined zones for alarm generation.
Eagle camera support.
Wheather station support.

Manufacturer : IDS GeoRadar


IBIS Guardian offers built-in multiple alarm options and comprehensive geotechnical analysis tools. Key people are immediately alerted in the event of slope displacements through various messaging options (email, SMS, pop-up alert). The unique Multi-Scale processing capability enables the user to resolve up to four orders of magnitude of displacement, an essential tool in support of mine design, planning and risk mitigation strategies. Analysis of longterm displacement trends is enabled by IBIS Guardian’s capability to store long-term datasets within a single monitoring project. Reliable and accurate displacement data is provided to the user in real time by employing advanced Automatic Atmospheric Correction techniques. The interpretation of radar data is made simple via visualization of fully georeferenced 3D data.


With the TrueVector technology IBIS Guardian is able to resolve the spatial direction of displacement vectors for hundreds of thousands of overlapping radar pixels that are being monitored simultaneously by two or more radar systems. Accuracy is sub-millimetric. No prisms, markers or reflectors are required on the slope, instead the IBIS systems rely on natural backscattered information to rapidly resolve spatially dense and continuous vector displacement information.


IBIS Guardian employs Full Pit Monitoring (FPM) capabilities, stitching together data sets from multiple IBIS radar systems on a single radar map. Real-time full pit data provides the user with a universal view of the entire pit and complete situation awareness for the management of slope hazards. The single software platform obviates the need to reproduce the same tasks on multiple workstations. IBIS Guardian integrates a fully automated function where different Total Station datasets can be imported, enabling the user to compare prism displacement trends with IBIS radar data, adding value to the interpretation of movement behavior. Stereonet charts are also available for quick and immediate representation of displacement vector data. In addition IBIS Guardian provides high-resolution images, captured by the Eagle-Vision camera and geo-referenced to the monitored scenario. Panoramic imagery can be navigated and zoomed, supporting the analysis and interpretation of radar data.