C-thrue is an all-in-one Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for accurate scanning and real time analysis of concrete structures. Construction and service companies as well as civil and structural engineers can now improve the way they locate rebars, voids, post-tension cables, cavities, conduits, and any other objects buried in the structure before cutting or drilling into the concrete.

C-thrue is an easy-to-use and robust solution to see through concrete structures and reveal true data that lead to optimal decision-making. The solution is suited for all construction sites and operations including building renovation, overpasses, monuments, bridges and tunnels surveys, as well as for detailed analysis of the original engineering project and comparison with the as-built structure.

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Technical specifications

  • Radar Control Unit Dual Synchronized IDS DAD FastWave
  • Number of Channels 16
  • Central Antenna Frequency 2 GHz
  • Antenna Polarizations 8 VV antennas + 8 HH antennas
  • Collection Speed International System: 100 scan/m at > 7 km/h
  • Positioning Metric wheel and/or GPS interface
  • Battery Operating Life 4 h
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Ground Footprint 98 cm x 42 cm
  • Survey Path Width 80cm
  • Data Logger Panasonic CF-19 or similar
  • Acquisition Software IDS K2 Stream
  • Post-Porcessing Software IDS GRED HD3 Bridge Module
  • Manufacturer : IDS GeoRadar, Italy

Features & Benefits

  • Measurement of pavement and concrete slab and asphalt thickness;
  • Determination of reinforcement cover depth and thickness;
  • Automatic detection of rebars;
  • Detection of areas affected by corrosion;
  • Location of deck slab and protective concrete damage;
  • Utilities mapping;
  • Delamination detection.