RIS MF Hi-mod

RIS MF Hi-Mod is a specialized ground penetrating radar system capable of investigating large areas with a 3D view of the subsoil with a high capability of resolution and penetration depth. Thanks to the radar’s capacity and the archaeologist’s experience buried underground objects can be detected with a high level of confidence and consequently plan the excavation activities

The RIS MF Hi-Mod GPR solution is equipped with an array of multi-frequency antennas to provide a high resolution survey of the shallower depths, using 600 MHz antennas, while guaranteeing a great depth range with the 200 MHz.


Technical specifications

Data Logger Panasonic CF-19
Radar Acquisition Unit IDS DAD Fast Wave, with RIS K2 acquisition software or ONEVISION
Max Number of Channels Up to 8
Antenna Frequencies 200 and 600 MHz
Positioning Metric wheel and/or GPS interface
Collection Speed (up to 8 profiles simultaneously) 4 m/sec in full configuration (8 channels)
Battery Life > 8 h
Weight 58 kg in full configuration
Surface Footprint 200 cm x 60 cm (full configuration)
Survey Path Width Up to 8 radar scans, 52 cm each
Wireless Connection Available

Manufacturer : IDS GeoRadar


Consolidated complete procedure from field acquisition to the final output (maps on CAD or GIS);
Mechanical structure for all urban environments and terrains;
Automatic target recognition: automatic tools help the operator locate pipes and cables;
2D & 3D tomography: optimized tomography for an immediate visualization of pipes and cables;
Multi-frequency data fusion: automatic fusion of data from 200 and 600 MHz antennas;
Automatic transfer to CAD/GIS: localized pipes and cables automatically transferred to CAD or GIS maps.