RS-230 BGO

A good condition RS-230 BGO Spectrometer for sale. Ideal For Field Exploration. Providing Search, Assay, and Scan Modes of Operation

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Technical specifications

Large BGO (Bismuth Germanate Oxide) detector, 103 cm3 (6.3 in3)
Extreme sensitivity (3x greater than Nal crystal of the same volume)
Survey and Assay modes of operation
Assay mode readout in %K, ppm of U and Th
Auto-stabilizing on naturally occurring radio elements
5-digit LCD display with scrolling histogram graph of last 100 readings
Fast audio output with adjustable audio threshold set point
Bluetooth and USB equipped with external GPS integrated into data stream via BT
Special rugged design to withstand field usage, weatherproofing, water and dust protection
Typical 8-12 hour battery life at 20°C (4 x AA batteries)
No radioactive sources required for proper operation