Stream X

Stream X is a vehicle-towed Ground Penetrating Radar solution, introducing a new concept for extensive 3D mapping of buried structures and geologic features. The Stream X array covers a 2m wide swath with a single pass, and, to achieve complete coverage of the survey area, multiple passes can be controlled through sophisticated positioning systems and a dedicated navigation software. Once the desired area is covered the survey can be easily checked and then post process with a dedicated IDS software platform.

This GPR instrument is the ideal solution for mapping of extensive archaeological sites, detection of underground structures, cavity identification and mapping, underground tank detection, area clearance prior to construction and unexploded ordnance (Uxo) detection.

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Technical specifications

Max acquisition speed (@ standard scan interval) : 36 kph (22 mph)
Power consumption : 28 W – 200 MHz version
Positioning :  Doppler radar and/or GPS or total station
Number of control unit : 1 DAD Mch @ 200 MHz  ; 2 DAD Mch @ 600 MHz
Scan rate per channel (@512 samples/scan) : 87 scans/sec
Scan interval : 8 scans/m
Power supply : SLA Battery 12VDC 12 Ah + electric crane battery
Scan width : 1.80 m Width
Number of channels : 8 to 44
Antenna center frequencies : 200MHz or 600MHz
Polarization : VV
Antenna Spacing : 8cm or 12cm

Manufacturer : IDS GeoRadar