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A very good condition terremater LS 28 channels  for sale. Contact us for more information. It’s available for sale.

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Technicals specifications

Measure modes : Resistivity, SP, Resistivity and IP using 50 % Duty Cycle, Resistivity and IP using 100 % Duty Cycle
Casing : Rugged aluminum case meets IEC IP66
Computer : Embedded ARM 9, 400 MHz
GPS : Built-in GPS with support for GLONASS
Display : 8,4” Active TFT LCD, full colour, daylight visible
I/O ports : 2x KPT 32 pin for imaging, AUX, Interconnect, USB A, RJ45 for LAN
WLAN : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, built-in antenna
3G/GSM : 3G (UMTS/HSPA+) and GSM (GPRS/Edge), built in antenna
Service point : Accessible through Internet
Memory capacity : 16 GB, microSD card accessable from outside
Power : 12 V, 8 Ah internal battery, built-in charger, 12-18 VDC external power
Dimensions:  (WxLxH) 39x21x32 cm
Weight 13.9 kg, 12.2 kg without internal battery
Ambient temperature range : – 2o°C to + 70°C operating

Manufacturer : ABEM (Guideline Geo)

Receiver / Transmitter


Number of channels 8
Isolation All channels are galvanically separated
Input voltage range Up to ± 600 V
Range Depending on model
± 2.5 V, ± 15 V, ± 600 V
Input impedance 200 MOhm (± 2.5 V range), 30 MOhm (± 15 V range), 20 MOhm (± 600 V range)
Precision 0.1 %
Accuracy 0.2 %
Resolution Up to 3 nV at 1 sec integration (theoretical)
Linearity 0.005 %
Flat frequency response Better than 1 % up to 300 Hz
Full waveform recording Depending on model
Built-in montoring of all input channels


Maximum output power Up to 250 W
Current transmission Constant current transmitter
Maximum output current Up to 2500 mA
Maximum output voltage Up to ± 600 V, 1200 V peak to peak
Current accuracy 0.2 %
Current precision 0.1 %
Instant polarity changer Yes
Self diagnostics Monitoring of temperature and power dissipation
Safety Easily accessible safety switch
Full waveform recording Depending on model, built-in montoring of current and voltage output

GEOREVA has a wide range of land, marine and borehole cables. The built-in field computer in the new ABEM Terrameter LS 2 offers increased computing power, an easy to use graphical user interface and connectivity such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G. The internal GPS supports GLONASS, which improves positioning accuracy. Data is stored on a removable 16 GB microSD memory card, with a capacity of millions of data readings.

Remote connectivity can allow the GEOREVA support team to assist with software upgrades, give support or troubleshoot if necessary. This unique feature ensures that the system is always up to date, operating correctly, with the risk of downtime kept to an absolute minimum.