TX-60 Transmitter


ABEM TX-60 is an optional external booster that further widens the ABEM WalkTEM’s application area, enabling even deeper soundings with even larger transmitter loops.

It  is a powerful expansion of the stand-alone ABEM WalkTEM system. It will increase the sounding depth and permit the use of large transmitter loops together with the high resolution receivers from the ABEM WalkTEM system. Like the ABEM WalkTEM instrument, the ABEM TX-60 is designed for demanding field work under rough field conditions, housed in a rugged aluminium case that meets IEC IP 66. The booster interacts with the ABEM WalkTEM system via a communication cable and the units are totally isolated from each other. Control power is supplied from an internal rechargeable battery and transmitter power is supplied from an external DC power source.

This instrument outputs a massive 60 Amperes, handles up to 250 V DC input voltage and is synchronized with the ABEM WalkTEM system during transmission.


Technical Specifications

Measured quantities : Apparent conductivity HCP (HC) et PRP (PC) ; In-phase HCP (HI) et PRP (PI).
The ARCHER2 connexion : Bluetooth (10m).
Intercoil spacing: HCP1: 1 m ; PRP1: 1.1m ; HCP2: 2m ; PRP2: 2.1m ; HCP3: 4m ; PRP3: 4.1m.
Operating frequency : 9.0 kHz.
Power supply : rechargeable battery 3W/12V DC (approx. 20h continuous ).
Measuring ranges : HC/PC: +-3000 mS/m ; HI/PI: +-300 ppt.
Measurement accuracy : HC/PC:+/- 0.2mS/m ; HI/PI: +-0.07 ppt.
Transport : 250 x 26 x 18 cm / 33kg.
DUALEM weight : 15 Kg.