The uNext platform offers an all-in-one, non-intrusive utility detection solution which exploits the most advanced technologies and methodologies in the market. 100% developed by utility market leader IDS GeoRadar, the uNext platform is based on the Opera Duo Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) leveraging robustness, data quality and intuitiveness for unparalleled utility location and mapping. The uNext platform is designed to operate directly on site maximizing user experience and intuitiveness.

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Main features

Any GNSS and/or TPS – to provide the best geographical
positioning of multiple utility targets in a very short time.
Cable locators – to quickly and easily integrate information
on cable/pipe positioning.
Tomography – to create an even more accurate, faster 3D
reconstruction of the underground utility network and
merge this information with any existing cartographies.
Camera – to ease interpretation of underground detected
targets by adding visual information of recorded soil objects.
Survey Report – to export survey reports including extracted
maps and targets directly in the field.
CAD/GIS – to transfer the identified targets to CAD or GIS
maps for professional SUE / utility mapping.
Cartography – to represent the existing cartography of the
surveyed area and integrate it with utility targets and soil
Augmented Reality – to visualize underground detected
objects in augmented reality