Geophysical training sessions


All our training courses are focused on the practical use of geophysical equipment.
We emphasize practical work applications. Participants have at their disposal the equipment for data acquisition and software to process the measurements. Certain aspects of the courses also provides a reminder of the basic geophysical method principles in question.
Trainees are accompanied by instructors with extensive experience of the materials used, which they handle throughout the year.
A training certificate is provided on completion.

Training sessions are available at YOUR OFFICE or within OUR FACILITIES (Cintré, France). Some of these training sessions are also available as distance learning sessions via internet. After the training, you will have the possibility to ask for our fully technical support in order to process your own data, by phone or via a remote desktop.



The majority of our courses do not require any prerequisites. For more information, do not hesitate to browse our detailed programs.

Our courses are open to people with disabilities. Our premises are accessible (parking, first floor room) and we make sure that the necessary facilities are in place (seat, mouse, etc.) to accommodate our trainees as best as possible.

The  instructor will adapt to the audience to facilitate teaching (visual, elocution). 

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Technical assistance on site

Our training courses can also be given on one of your sites in a real-life situation.

Distance learning

These courses focus on the acquisition and processing of geophysical data. The aim is to enable each participant to conduct a study independently.

The “acquisition” part allows you to reinforce your knowledge of field implementation. It is given by videos and supported by a complete implementation guide.

The “data processing” part, whose main objective is the mastery of interpretation software, is supported by a PDF. The whole course is guided by an experienced geophysicist via a remote office, a webcam and a microphone. These courses are available for one or more persons.

Organisation of training courses

Distance learning is a one-to-one course with content that is constantly adapted to your needs. You can plan your sessions on an ad hoc basis according to your schedule. Each session lasts from one to two hours for maximum efficiency.

If you wish, it is possible during the course to work with your own geophysical data. The course will then be based on these. Moreover, if you do not have the data processing software, it is possible for you, during the training, to work in networks on one of our servers containing this software.

GEOREVA is an approved training organisation

GEOREVA has a registration number as a training organisation. The technical training courses we provide are accepted as continuing education.

Our training programmes can be adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us