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1D-Inversion Software IX1D

IX1D is a 1-D Direct Current (DC) resistivity, Induced Polarization (IP) and TDEM sounding inversion program.

IX1D inversion software determines a 1D-model of subsurface resisitivity corresponding to the apparent resistivity measured by a vertical electrical sounding, or the changes in the secondary magnetic field measured by a TDEM sounding.


1D inversion of SEV and TDEM sounding.
2D interpolation of 1D-sounding with IX1Dv3 software version.


Technicals specifications

Data supports : Resistivity Ohm) , apparent resistivity (Ohm.m), chargeability( msec), Spectral chargeability (mrad), TDEM (msec).
VES supports : Wenner, Schlumberger Dipole-dipole Pole-dipole and Pole-pole arrays.
TDEM supports : central loop, fixed loop or coinci-dent loop configurations .
Automatic data import : ASCII file, Excel file, USF file.
VES data manual import: L/2, MN? Rho or Rho.app.
TDEM manual data import : Tdecay and V.
Inversion type: robust (1 to 10 layers) and smooth (10 to 100 layers).
Graphical editing of the model (thickness, depth, rho).
Forward modeling and comparison of synthetic cur-ves to your data (RMS error).
Equivalence analysis for the layered model.
Export : Picture, ASCII files, DXF.


Operating system: Windows XP-10 (32 et 64 bits).
Mémoire vive : 512 Mo minimum.