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Resistivity/IP meter 4point light 10W

The 4point light 10W earth resistivity meter is a high precision instrument for determination of soil resistivity. It can be use for vertical electrical sounding (VES) to explore groundwater. This earth resistivity meter measures the phase shift between the current injected into the ground and the voltage seen at the potential electrodes. It has adequate power to drive vertical electrical sounding up to L/2 = 1000 m.

  • Direct calcul of apparent resistivities.
  • Stacking of measurement values.
  • Very high resolution receiver (50nV).
  • Determination of the statistical measurement errors.


Technical specifications

Ultra Compact (25x12x55cm).
Weight (740g).
Simple operation, easy to use.
Internal memory for >300 000 readings.

Transmitter / Receiver


Frequencies : 0.2 – 30 Hz (16 available frequencies).
Output current : 1mA – 100 mA (8 steps).
Output voltage : up to 380 V p-p.
Max output power : 10W (AC).


1 measurement channel.
Resolution : 50nV / 0.1 mrad.
A/D Converter : 24-bit.
Load contact measurement.
Power supply : 4 internal NiMH-AA-batteries or external power supply (9-15V/1A).
Average operating time : 20-50h.