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The CROSS-HOLE SOL-CH Workshop is composed of an acquisition unit, a hydrophone/sparker couple for P-waves, and a geophone / electromechanical pair of S-waves (light downhole S-waves sparker source/downwhole S-waves sparker source).

Working principle

P-waves : In order to generate the P waves, the SOL-CH system uses a Sparker with a max power of 500J. The source must be used in boreholes filled with water, up to 200m deep. A hydrophone is used for recording the P waves.

S-waves : The GEOS-H source is used to generate S waves in a borehole up to 200m deep. The source is broken down into two parts:
– a fixing system pneumatic for pressing itself into walls of th borehole
– the source portion consisting of an electrodynamic contactor.
The source shears vertically and allows to make reversible signals whitout moving it in the borehole. A vertical geophone is used for recordind the S waves.

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Joker Genererator

Output voltage: 5000 V.
Power: 500J (sparker) ; 200J (GEOS-H).
Power Supply: 230V/110V or generator (1500 W).
Shot impulse: single or continuous (3 to 8 s).
Recovery of the Time Break (TB).
Emmergency stop button.
Remote control using the acquisition computer.
Dimensions: 46x 32 x 22cm.
Weight: 16 kg.
Cable length: 50m ou 100 m. ou 200m.

Acquisition Units MCHA-GP

Number of ways: 2.
Sampling: Up to 2MHz.
Gain: x2 à x10240.
Software: WinCrossHole.

The SOL-CH system uses a 2-channel acquisition unit driven entirely byt the WinCrossHole software. The Latter makes it possible to remotely control the generator to launch the shots. It is also possible to point the first arrivals and get the report of analysis of the measured speeds.

P Waves: Sparker

Frequency: up to 6 kHz.
Probe lenght: 730 mm.
Diameter: 55 mm.
Weight: 5 kg

S Waves : GEOS-H

Frequency: Up to 400 Hz.
Lenght of the probe: 650mm.
Diameter: 65mm.
Weight: 5kg.