Electric cables

Our electric cables are manufactured  in France and made-to-measure according your needs. (spacing, connector, type of take-out (pinces Mueller, KCK waterproof…))

16 or 32 take-out

Cable resistance 145Ω/km

Isolation: 100MΩ*km

Test Voltage : 1600V (C.C)


Technical specifications

Operation temperature : -30°C à +80°C
Storage temperature : -40C à +80°C
Approximative weigth : 120Kg/Km
Max Voltage : 600V/DC


Electric cables

36 pairs of 0.14 mm2
Multi-brins tinned copper
18 brins of 0.10mm
Isolation: TPE-E
Diameter: 0.85 +-10 mm


Polyurethane: diamètre 9.30 +-0.20mm
Color: Orange/Yellow