The EM61-LX2 is a high sensitivity, high resolution, time domain metal detector suitable for the detection of both ferrous and and non-ferrous metals. Typical target response is a single and sharp defined peak, facilitating a quick and accurate determination of its location.

– Lightweight system components enable convenient, two-person field operation; modular sensor design accommodates survey deployment with either two-meter or one-meter swath,
– Detection of a full BLU-26 sub-munition to a depth of 75 cm below the sensorlarger targets detected at greater depths, to more than 5 m below the sensor, depending on target characteristics,
– Data acquisition on the rugged Archer 2 Field Computer, 
– Proprietary real-time software filter (patent pending) for rejection of response from magnetic soil and rock materials; for the detection of unexploded ordnance and other explosive remnants of war, the effective use of this filter can result in both an increase in the probability of detection and the significant reduction of false-positive alarms,
– Real-time data presentation; visual and audio alarm formats with user-selectable parameter thresholds,
– GPS compatibility supports accurate data mapping and anomaly re-acquisition; otherwise, multiple alarms, visual and audio, enable real-time anomaly acquisition whenever GPS data is unavailable or not required.


Technical Specifications

  • Power source : 12 V battery.
    Weight : 14.5 kgEM source and sensorsOne air-cored coil source: 2.10 x 0.52 m or 1.03 x 0.52 m.
    Two air-cored coils sensors : 1.03×0.5 m.Manufacturer : Geonics (Canada).


Transportable rugged datalogger.
Dynamic range : 18 bits.
Full scale : 0-10,000 mV.
Maximum velocity of acquisition : about 5 km/h.
GPS positionning : +/- 1 cm (RTK).