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SBS42 – Downhole P-wave sparker source

IPG5000 | Impulse Generator

The Impulse Generator IPG5000 (formerly named IPG1005) is the high voltage supply to the seismic borehole sources BIS-SH and SBS42. The energy is stored in a large capacitor bank which discharges through a mechanical switch.

The IPG5000 is controlled by a Remote Control Unit (RCU). The RCU allows the user to start the seismic survey by a single or continuous shot release. The repetition rate is freely selectable under continuous operation. The RCU is connected to the seismograph to send an accurate trigger signal.

SBS42 | P-Wave Source

The borehole source SBS42 generates compressional waves (P) in water filled boreholes. The seismic signals are highly repeatable. Energy released by the IPG5000 discharges through a coaxial cable terminated by two adjacent spark electrodes. The spark discharge vaporizes water by a high-pressure plasma. This generates vapour bubbles which expand and collapse, thereby generating high-frequency seismic waves.

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Impulse voltage : 5000 V.
Impulse energy : 1000 J.
Power supply : 230 V/110 V.
Shot release : Single or continuous.
Repetition rate : 8 s (or freely selectable between 3 and 8 s).
Dimensions : 52 x 32 x 53 cm.
Weight : 60 kg.
Special features : Impulse counter, test trigger, emergency OFF button, intern/extern operation.
RCU : Single or continuous shot release, impulse counter, test trigger, trigger output, emergency OFF button.

Manufacturer: Geotomographie (Germany).

SBS42 P-waves source

Frequency: up to 5 kHz.
Cable length: 60m.
Diameter: 45mm.
Probe length: 645 mm.