The DUALEM 421S has dual-geometry receivers at separations of 1,2 and 3m spacing from the tramsitter, which provide six simultaneous deptgs of conductivity sounding, four simultaneous depths of susceptibility sounding and metal detection.

The several sounding-depths enable the analysis of layering in the top few meters of the earth.

it can be carried on prolonged surveys with a single operator, and is suitable for towin on a sled or low cart.

The Dualem 421S is the sensor of the DUALEM 421. It’s available seperately at lower price for integration with the user’s own surveying system. The previous picture show a conductivimeters in his hinged metal shipping case.


Technical Specifications

Measured quantities : Apparent conductivity HCP (HC) et PRP (PC) ; In-phase HCP (HI) et PRP (PI).
The ARCHER2 connexion : Bluetooth (10m).
Intercoil spacing: HCP1: 1 m ; PRP1: 1.1m ; HCP2: 2m ; PRP2: 2.1m ; HCP3: 4m ; PRP3: 4.1m.
Operating frequency : 9.0 kHz.
Power supply : rechargeable battery 3W/12V DC (approx. 20h continuous ).
Measuring ranges : HC/PC: +-3000 mS/m ; HI/PI: +-300 ppt.
Measurement accuracy : HC/PC:+/- 0.2mS/m ; HI/PI: +-0.07 ppt.
Transport : 250 x 26 x 18 cm / 33kg.
DUALEM weight : 15 Kg.