The EM38-MK2 provides measurement of both the quad-phase (conductivity) and in-phase (magnetic susceptibility) components within two distinct depth ranges, all simultaneously, without any requirement for soil-to-instrument contact. With a maximum effective depth of exploration of 1.5 m, applications in agriculture, archaeology and general soil sciences are common.

The standard EM38-MK2 includes two receiver coils, separated by 1 m and 0.5 m from the transmitter, providing data from effective depth ranges of 1.5 m and 0.75 m respectively when positioned in the vertical dipole orientation, and 0.75 m and 0.375 m respectively when in the horizontal dipole orientation. The EM38-MK2-1 model includes one receiver coil only, at 1 m from the transmitter.

New coil technology, supported by temperature compensation circuitry, markedly improves temperature-related drift characteristics as compared with the preceding generation of EM38 instruments.


Technical Specifications

Power source
9 V disposable battery, external rechargeable battery pack

Battery life
up to 5 h continuous for MN1604; 12 h continuous for L522; 25 h for rechargeable battery pack

Operating temperature
-40°C to + 50°C

Instrument: 107 x 17 x 8 cm
Shipping: 114 x 20 x 26 cm

Instrument: 5.4 kg
Shipping: 14 kg


Measured quantities
1: Apparent conductivity in millisiemens per metre (mS/m)
2: In-phase ratio of the secondary to primary magnetic field in parts per thousand (ppt)

Intercoil spacing :
1 and 0.5 metres

Operating frequency:
14.5 KHz

Measuring range :
Conductivity: 1000 mS/m
In-phase: ± 29 ppt for 1 m
In-phase: ± 7 ppt for 0.5 m

Measurement resolution :

± 0.1 % of full scale

Measurement accuracy :
± 5 % at 30 mS/m

Noise levels
Conductivity: 0.5 mS/m;
In-phase: 0.02 ppt

Data output : RS-232 serial port, Bluetooth