The FGM3D is a very compact triaxial fluxgate magnetometer.

its available in several measurements ranges, noise, levels, bandwidths, and different finishes to suit all needs.

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Technical specifications

Measuring range: + -4000 nT to * -1000000 nT.
Resolution: <150pT.
Drift temperature: <+ -0.3 nT / K
Relative error of measurement: + -0.1% Stability: <5 nT
Power supply: + -12V to + -15V
Consumption / + -26mA
Output impedance: <1 Ohm
Weight: 112 g Dimensions: depending on the version (see pages following).

Several versions available

You can fin this magnetometer in rectangular or cylindrical version; A submersible version is also available.

Measurement range

This magnetometer is availbale in some measurement ranges, from +/- 4000 nT to +/- 1 000 000 nT.

Noise Level

Standard version: <15 pTrms/√Hz @ 0,1 …10Hz and one error on the orthogonality of 1 °.
Low Noise version: <8 pTrms / √Hz @ 0.1 … 10Hz and an orthogonality error of 0.12 °.

Calibrated Version

Depending on the operating environnement, the FGM3D can be improved by adding a correction coil applying a calibration signal.


The bandwidth of the standard version is a 2kHz, but can be increased up to 3 kHz and 4kHz.

Manufacturer: Sensys (Germany).

Acquisition (option)

FGM3D TD acquisition unit.
24 bits.
Sampling Up to 6.3 kHz.
3 to 16 channels of 15 measurement channels.
Filter: 50/60 Hz.
Connecting to a PC with an isolated USB cable.

Acquisition software

Display, recording and visualization real time measured data.
Data processing: filters, average, etc.
Spectral analysis.
Oscilloscope function.