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Radar antenna array for high quality and high performance 3D imaging. The fastest system on the market!

Le système Raptor couvre un large éventail d’applications et peut être configuré avec des antennes 450 MHz ou 800 MHz.


Efficient subsurface mapping with simplicity and flexibility in mind. Real Time Sampling (RTS) technology enables high-speed data collection for maximum productivity and optimal results.


The unique design allows the matrix to be configured quickly, easily and expanded as needed.


The density of the data collected means that only one pass is required to obtain high quality 3D information on the line being surveyed.

High data quality

Combined with the synchronisation of accurate positional data, each survey line, or “swath”, can be accurately aligned with adjacent swaths. This optimises the data collection process for efficient subsurface mapping.


Caractéristiques techniques

Antennes 450 MHz ou 800 MHz pour couvrir une large gamme d’applications

Efficient subsurface mapping in a simple and flexible way

Maximum productivity and optimal results thanks to real-time sampling technology (RTS)

Quick antenna array configuration as required

Only one pass is needed to obtain high quality 3D information

Synchronisation et localisation GPS des mesures afin d’aligner les levés les un par rapport aux autres.


RAPTOR – Pushcart

Allows the rapid arrangement of 8 channels at 450 MHz in a pre-configured matrix.

RAPTOR – Vehicle Mount

Robust and stable support that can be fixed on a tow ball for fast data collection on roads, dirt roads or in the field.

Talon and Condor Software

The Talon acquisition software offers a simple and efficient interface to manage data quality and GPS positioning.