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Suricat – 3D all-in-one digital accelerometer and velocimeter

SURICAT is a 3D digital accelerometer and velocimeter, equipped with GPS, designed for permanent installations on structures. Thanks to its small size (14 x 8 x 6 xm), it can also be used for the modal analysis of structures in full autonomy. SURICAT transmits the data via the 3G network (internal SIM card), via Bluetooth or via cable. In absence of a network, SURICAT stores the data in the internal memory until the network returns operative.

SURICAT is powered from an internal lithium battery that provides autonomy for a few hours. The internal microSD card can store data for several days.

SURICAT  is provided with the user-friendly Grilla software which allows to archive and analyze the recordings coming from the MOHO instruments:

  • Spectral analysis and cleaning
  • Modal analysis of structures
  • Vibration analysis


Technical Specifications

9-channel, 24-bit, acquisition system

3D velocimeter, Adjustable resolution and dynamic range from ±5 mm/s to ±100 mm/s

3D accelerometer, Dynamic range: a) ±2g, b) ±6g. Resolution: a) 10-4g, b) 3.5 10-4g

2 high resolution analog channels, Dynamic range from ±0.1 V to ±4 V

1 auxiliary digital channel, for triggering, time synchronization, etc.

Size and weight, 14 x 8 x 6 cm, < 0.4 kg

Sampling rate, 16 kHz on all channels
output rates: 256 Hz, 512 Hz, 1024 Hz, 2048 Hz, 4096 Hz

Time synchronization, via GPS (internal or external antenna)

Data storage, internal memory

Data access/transmission via
– 3G network, by using the internal SIM card, to the MoHo DaCo server
– Bluetooth®, with the Suricat App (for Android)
– miniUSB
– internet network using the device

Event detection, thresholds based on amplitude, amplitude and time, STA/LTA (Short Time Average over Long Time Average)

Power supply, miniUSB connection


    – event location
    – shake-mapping
    – Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA)
    – Peak Ground Velocity (PGV)
    – structural health monitoring and modal analysis
    – vibration monitoring
    – threshold-based event detection