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Vibration Monitor SIGMA4

Individual Seismograph Stations

For remote locations, Seismic Source builds individual seismograph stations. These stations silently monitor ground motion, sending out alert messages via email whenever they detect an event. Each station is equipped with solar power, battery back-up, three-component sensor and a high precision seismograph, plus a cellular modem.

Complete Seismograph Networks

For the protection of buildings and sensitive equipment, Seismic Source offers complete seismograph networks. These networks blanket areas with multiple sensors and seismograph nodes. Once an event has been detected, the central station pulls data samples from the rest of the nodes, evaluates the entire datasets, and then emails an alert to the user.

Robust and Flexible Seismograph Systems

Both systems use components proven in government and industry settings. Both systems offer data backup at the point of recording.


All Units Feature

Cutting-Edge Design
Multiple Time Synchronization Modes
Multiple Trigger Modes
Multiple Data Storage Methods
Built-in Ethernet Network
Built-in Acceptance Testing
Operate as Stand-Alone Seismograph
Operate as an Acquisition System
Passive Monitoring
Automated Event Detectio Both systems generate not only event reports, but also generate reports on a monthly basis.

System Benefits

Sensitive equipment detects small earthquakes
Proven software to config-ure system, monitor system, and save data
Flexible equipment can be configured for uses in any situation
Tough equipment lasts longer in rougher environ-ments
Software sends detected event alerts to users
Software also tracks events and generates monthly reports