All-in One

All-in One system is a rugged and reliable equipment with various dedicated piezoelectric sensors and probes. All-in One is characterized by an A/D board multichannel and selectable sampling rates from 100Hz – 10 MHz. All acquired signals are displayed, computed and memorized directly on tablet pre-installed MCH-sonic software. Connection between All-in One system and tablet via WiFi.


Technical Specifications

Channel 2 input / 1 transmitter
Converter type 2 A/D x 12bit converter
Input type Differential / Single ended / IEPE
Input range +/- 5 Vpp
Amplifier 1 to 1024 software selectable
Pretrigger selectable, 0 to 80%
Time base 50Khz to 10 Mhz (10MHz/1Ch – 5MHz/2Ch)
Sample per event 1K to 8K for channel
Travel time resolution 100 ns
Sample resolution 12 bit@10Mhz to >16bit@ 50Khz ( with oversampling)
Band wipth > 1 MHz
Filter antialias, digital custom filter selectable (DSP)
Trigger type software
Voltage out Trasmetter Selectable, 100V to 1200V
Pulse duration Selectable, 1 to 65000uS
Transmitter pulse repetion > 20 misure/secondo
I/O: USB 2.0/ WiFi 802.11 ( 100m)
– Hole-Probe: transmitter / receiver. Diameter 26mm; Length
150 mm
– Receiver Sensor (wall-type): 55KHz
– Transmitter Sensor (wall-type): 55 KHz
– Transmitter Sensor (wall-Type): 20 KHz
– Hammer with accelerometer
– Accelerometer Dytran
Power supply Internal battery LiFePO4 (6Ah)
Consuming External recharge – recharging time 4h
Autonomy 0,8W StandBy/ 1.6W Ultrasonic active
Case >35 hour
Working temperature IP 65
Size and weight 0-60°C


KIT P.I.T : Pile Integrity Testing

According with Norm: ASTM D5882-O7.
PIT-Hammer and Accelerometer,
Low Strain Integrity and Echo methods.
Solgeo software “PPS” included.

KIT MCHA : Ultrasonic Cross-Hole Testing

According to the Norm: ASTM D676O-16.
Simultaneously cross-hole measurements along three paths in pile foundation.
Synchronization impulse using an encoder.
Result can promptly be printed.
High power trasmitter and high sensitive active-type piezoelectric receivers (50 and 80 kHz).


In respect of the Standard: UNI EN 12504-4, ASTM D2845-08 and ASTM C597-02.
Sonic and ultrasonic measurements frequency 55 kHz or 20 kHz highly sensitive active piezoelectric receivers.
Even for wood samples.
Integrated with a HAMMER-Transducer.