These high performance portable instruments provide precision measurements of the intensity of static and slowly varying magnetic fields in one direction from ±0.1nT to ±2mT (1µG to 20G).

Axial and transverse probes are available, together with unpackaged probes for cryogenic applications.

Typical applications: • Measurement of induced magnetism for screening out magnetic materials • Measurement of remanent magnetisation • Magnetic measurements in cryogenic and vacuum applications.

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Technical specifications

Number of axes One
Polarity +ve non-inverting output when pointing North
Measuring range 0 to ±0.2mT or ±2mT depending on probe
Bandwidth 0 to 10Hz, -12dB per octave roll off (DC for x10 sensitivity)
Scaling (analogue output) Low field probes 100μT/V (10μT/V with x10 sensitivity)
High field probes 1mT/V (0.1mT/V with x10 sensitivity)
Scaling accuracy ±0.25%
Maximum resolution 1nT (Mag-01), 0.1nT (Mag-01H)
Zero field offset error (at 20ºC) ±5nT
Scaling temperature coefficient <10ppm/ºC
Offset temperature coefficient 0.01nT/ºC

Manufacturer : Bartington