This portable six-channel 24-bit data acquisition unit is designed for simultaneous collection and analysis of magnetic field, vibration and acoustic data in three axes. The six input channels on the Spectramag-6 provide synchronous digitisation of the outputs from magnetic field sensors and accelerometers, or if required acoustic sensors.

Combined with a PC via a USB interface, the unit can record data at rates up to 10kHz. The supplied software collects and displays data in both the time and frequency domain to frequencies up to 3.5kHz, with a range of filtering and FFT options available.

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Technical specifications

Number of input channels Six (2 groups of 3 channels selectable for magnetic field sensors, accelerometers or acoustic sensors)
Input signal range ±10V
Input frequency range: Up to 5kHz, reduced to 1kHz (1000 gain)
Magnetic field sensors : DC to 5kHz (DC coupling); 0.01Hz to 5kHz (AC coupling)
Accelerometers and acoustic sensors :  0.1Hz to 5kHz (AC coupling only)
Resolution 24 bit A to D converter
Sampling interval 100μs (min) to 10s (max) up to 700,000 samples (PC dependent);
Continuous sampling mode (slower sample rates only)
Amplitude spectrum (RMS, peak-to-peak); Amplitude spectral density (RMS/√Hz, p-p/√Hz)
Analogue gain control Software selected x1/x10/x100/x1000
Spectrum range Software selected as sample rate or maximum frequency
Sensor input (magnetic field sensor) Unbalanced

Manufacturer : Bartington