The push-cart magnetometer system MAGNETO MXPDA is very flexible field survey system. It will be used for the detection of ferromagnetic objects in small and medium sized areas.

The rugged and waterproof PDA for data logging and the optional RTK DGPS allows high precision georeferenced measurements of the survey area.

This is especially helpful when carrying out surveys in rough terrain, as it is not necessary to chart and set up the tracks. The data and the measured tracks are also displayed directly on the PDA display (5.7”).

While the data acquisition is done by the MXcompact PDA electronics, display and storage is done by the PDA. When using the optional DGPS, the PDA will also georeference all the measurement points within ± 1 cm accuracy.

The system components are either fixed to the carrier or at the belt system. That also allows to carry the whole system of terrain does not allow to operate with wheels. Due to the extensions of the cart, the system can be set up in a 2m wide configuration to double daily coverage.

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Technical Specifications

Data Power

Supply 12 V / 7 Ah led gel battery
Weight (incl. wheel set) ca. 15 kg

Dimensions of Carrier

Length ca. 1 m
Width ca. 1.2 m
Width with extensions ca. 2.1 m
Height of upper edge of carrier (adjustable) ca. 1 m


Measurement Configuration

Distance between probes 0.25 m / 0.5 m
Array Width 1 m / 2 m
Sensor above ground level with set of wheels 5 … 30 cm
with carrier strap individually adjustable

Sensor system FGM650/10

Sensitivity 0.1 nT
Measurement range ±10,000 nTArea coverage
Coverage per hour 0.25 ha
when array width of 1.0 m
when measurement speed of 1.0 m/s