The Grad601 is a vertical component fluxgate gradiometer with data logger and either one or two cylindrical sensor assemblies for use in geophysics and archaeology. Each sensor assembly contains two fluxgate magnetometers. Two Fluxgate magnetometers with a one metre vertical separation together with electronics and non-volatile memory for calibration data. The system provides an enhanced depth response, exceptional stability and electronic adjustment.

Grad601-1 single sensor version is ideal for both archaeological prospection and the location of pipes, cables, drums and archaeological features.

Grad601-2 two-sensor version is designed for archaeological prospection and allows geophysical surveys to be completed in about half the time. The large non-volatile flash memory and fast downloading of data offer improved survey efficiency.

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Technical specifications

Electronic adjustment
Push button operation
Available modes: Grid (Scan or Survey) and NMEA (Run)
Selectable resolution 0.01nT or 0.1nT (Grid mode); 0.1nT (NMEA mode)

Survey mode:
1 to 4 lines/m
1 to 8 readings/m along each line (4 max on 40m grids)
Capacity to store 125k readings
Exceptional temperature stability ensures minimal drift and reduces need for adjustment
One metre baseline provides ideal depth response for distinguishing important subsurface features
50Hz or 60Hz electricity power line rejection
Low power consumption allows 24 hour operation with two sensors

Manufacturer : Bartington


These gradiometers gradiometers are supplied complete with cables and accessories in a rugged carrying case. The Grad601-2 dual gradiometer includes an adjustable harness which completely relieves the operator’s arms whilst carrying the instrument.