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Terraloc Pro 2 seismograph

ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 is a versatile seismograph designed for a wide range of applications including; geological mapping, determining depth to bedrock, bedrock quality, soil stability and finding fractures and weak zones.

it can be configured with up to 48 channels in one unit, allowing for many sensors, creating a versatile instrument capable of collecting high resolution data. If more channels are needed, several units can be connected.

The Terraloc Pro 2 is a standalone system computer, data storage, measurement channels and user interface. Measurements are conducted using a graphical interface with a look and feel that is familiar. The system is enclosed in an aluminum casing that is rugged and robust, meeting IEC IP66 classifications so that measurements can be made in all situations and environments. All types of accessories can be connected to the Terraloc Pro, and solutions can be completely customized to every need.


Technical Specifications

Power :  2x 12 V, 8 Ah internal NiMH power pack 10-34 VDC external.
Power consumption : 30/60 W (idle/acquisition).
Casing Rugged aluminum alloy, meets IEC IP66.
Weight :10 kg ; Dimensions (WxLxH) 39x21x32 cm.
GPS : 50 channels SirFstarIII chip.


Number of channels : 12, 24 and 48.
Up-hole channels : 2 additional independent.
Sampling rate 100 Hz – 50 kHz (20 μs – 10 ms).
Record length Up to 480 000 samples /ch. equivalent to: 5,1 ms – 80 min.
Pre-trig record : 0-100 % of record length.
Delay time : Up to 2 minutes.
Stacking : 32 bits, up to 999 impacts.
Trigger inputs : Trigger coil, make/break, geophone and TTL.
A/D converter resolution : 24 bits.
Dynamic range : (theoretical/measured) 144 dB / >120 dB.
Frequency range : DC to 20 kHz.
Total harmonic distortion : 0.0005 %.
Anti-alias filters : Set automatically based on sampling rate.

Integrated Filed PC

Processor : Low power Intel Atom 1.6 GHz.
Operating system : Windows XP Pro.
Internal RAM : 2 GB.
Hard disk capacity : 100 GB or greater.
Display :  8,4“ Active TFT LCD, full colour, daylight visible, with 6 mm shatterproof glass, resolution of 800×600.
External displayport : VGA output.
I/O port :  Wi-Fi 3xUSB 2.0 ports.
Network interfaces 1x Gigabit Ethernet in RJ-45, 2x TP-10/100 in KPT08.