The Multichannel analysis of Surface waves method (MASW) has been developped in the mid-1990s by the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS).

The KGS SurfSeis software is used to process Passive Surface Waveform (MAM) and Active (MASW, MASW2D) to obtain the distribution of shear wave velocities (VS) in the soil.

This method has applications in the fields of civil engineering (soil classification according to VS30, geomechanical parameters) and the environement (groundwater, geological disorders)..

SurfSeis 5.0 software is a complete and fast tool thaht offers many features

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Technical Specifications

Signal processing.
Filters : Gains, Mute, Frequency spectrum, Geometry Conversion.

Curves of dispersions

Assembly of dispersion curves obtained by passive and active methods.
Improved dispersion curves using ambient siesmic noise.
Automatic pointung of the dispersion curve (user defined area).


Support for higher modes.
Inversion of loves waves (MALW with triaxial horizontal geophones and SH source).
Interpolation to obtain 2D pseudo-sections (topography, max depth).
Possibility of inverting MASW measurements.